we are the

zucchini wives

growing for you
food, flowers & good times

Our Vision



Percy (she/they) is the heart of the Food side of the business. They are a firm believer that if we are to thrive during this climate crisis we must be willing to overall our food systems. That starts with growing food that is close to home. Having started a garden on the childhood hobby farm 10 years ago Percy is ready to bring their joy of home grown food to the East Coast



The Flowers side of the business is led with love by Clary (she/her) who is obsessed with bringing beauty to every space. The flower portion of the business will supply us with the funds to cultivate a community food garden. We aim to increase food security in Cape Breton by supplying food locally to the community. The garden will have a large focus on east coast native plants.



It goes without saying that East Coasters are here for a good time! Percy and Clary have been lucky enough to experience East Coast hospitality over the years while visiting friends and family. Now officially Capers themselves these two community builders are ready to plant roots - Food, Flowers and Goodtimes as they bring a new space to the island that we know you will enjoy.

“spring came to a troubled world that year, and I found calm in planting seeds into the earth at every opportunity. for, after all, seeds are the epitome of hope, and hope is what I needed”

Percy G. Ager


West Coast Transplants starting out on an East Coast Adventure

Percy (she/they) and Clary (she/her), the Zucchini Wives are wives-to-be committed to planting seeds of hope wherever they go. Recently the two have relocated to the East Coast of Beautiful Cape Breton Island to start a flower farm and event space.


We’re only partly kidding. If you have a space that would fit our vision or want to get involved in partnership/investment we would love to connect!