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Seed Starting Plan

Want a garden that will have your neighbours stopping to take selfies in front of it? The secrete is a plan that will have you planting flowers and plants that bloom all season.


Your seed starting plan will have you saying girl bye to overwhelm and thank you next as you will be freed up for all your future garden projects.

Sprouting From $99

Garden Design

Ready to transform your grass yard into a luscious garden?  Now is the time to dream up all the possibilities of what could be.


We will take you from confused and overwhelmed to excited and empowered to create the garden space of your dreams.

Sprouting soon From $199

Event Design

Planning an event always has more steps than you think. Help us help you create the event of your dreams. 


We will get clear on what types of flowers and local food you want to have at your event and advise you of the best time of the year to host your next shindig.

From $299

Why Love Nature

And we want you to as well! We’re beginners too and get how hard it can be to get started.


We want to pass along what we have learned along the years and help you spend more time enjoying what you love, and less trying to figure it all out.

8 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support